Web-Offset-Press for Newspaper-Production (Cold-Set)
   Manufacturer: “WIFAG“ – Type: “OF370 GTD
   originally made in 1999/2000/2002 – Serial-No.  2250
   max. Web-Width: 1.400 mm – Cut-Off: 2 x 510 mm
   printing 3 x 16 = 48 pages “broadsheet” or 96 pages “tabloid” – full colour

   max. Mechanical Speed: 60.000 signatures/hour

   standing in front of the press - from left to right – basically consisting of:

2 printing units “4-high”, each printing 4/4 colours on both sides of both webs
1 newspaper-folder for “broadsheet”- as well as “tabloid”-production
   with substructure, all necessary guiding-rollers etc.
   both folder-noses facing to the right!
1 printing-unit "4-high”, again printing 4 colours on both sides of the web
   all printing-units equipped with brush-dampening-system.
        incl. “TECHNOTRANS”-refrigerated-circulator “gamma d”,
   all printing-units equipped with ink-level-control- and -refilling-system
        incl. “BETZ”-ink-pumps connected to centralized-ink-tank-system;
3 WIFAG-automatic “2-arm-splicers” located under the printing-units;

- complete ABB-operating- and control-system;
- complete ABB-wiring-boards

1 “NELA”-plate-punching- and -bending-installation;

- a lot of available spare-parts

Price “as is and where is” ex location Germany: 350.000 Euro - EXW

We will gladly answer your questions and look forward to your Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist gegen Spambots geschützt! JavaScript muss aktiviert werden, damit sie angezeigt werden kann. us.

This press really is in an excellent condition, technically as well as optically.
It is very well maintained, it is totally clean, dismantling is relatively easy.
The press is placed on a steel-platform, this platform can come with the press.

 In the same printing-house there is installed an older WIFAG “OF7”, parts
of this press can be used in combination with the “OF370 GTD”




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